Anybody doing this?


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Okay there exists HAL 9000 system (Linux) software, but I was referring to the movie. ;)
In any case, there are many ways for how to build a smart room.

But in my opinion it remains hack sensitive when it's wifi based or connected to the inet.

I have a self build system in my work shop which not can be reach externally.
Based on fingerprint/code access and a camera with face recognition.
When entering the room it turns on the light and turns on the power.
If somehow a stranger enters the room, it turns on only the light, and takes pictures and sent it to my phone.

Not that it really needed, the building itself has also the needed protection, but it was fun to build.


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I found the Hal software and the Space odyssey movie :)
What I am doing JB as we all now have very low power HP servers (150w max) running with the excellent Xeon E3 1220L v2 CPU (only 17w tdp). I have this running Limetech UnRaid 6.2 - this will run my house..
The TVs Media (music, movies and TV series)is all run through plex and automated with Couch Potato, Sonarr and Headphones programs - this provides for all tvs, ipads etc.
Using Unraid 6.2 it is relatively easy to run VMs and I am currently doing a Win 7 VM with Blue Iris software controlling my IP cameras and home security (work in progress) and I want to also include automation of my heating, solar panels and underfloor heating, perhapts through NEST or HIVE system, all through the HP Microserver .



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It sounds like you have a lot of spare time to build all this.

But this goes much too far for my knowledge, the time I kept myself busy with media server and related to it has been in the past.

Now I'm happy with Netflix and thousands of satellite channels to entertain the little spare time.
As for my own home, I use mainly to sleep. :rolleyes:

But your explanation can motivate other readers to communicate with you about the your project.
It is now clearer what direction you want. :)