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  1. quimescudeiro
    boas,tudo modificado
  2. nemesis196069
    dream 500hd clone ferrrari
  3. bousbici
    bon jour tous le monde esque ya du nouveau sur vu+solo clone une new image
  4. gouden
  5. satie
    Very nice site
  6. darius1
    Kathrien USF 910 HD-VuSolo 3.2 -Openbox X5,F3,A5S-CludHD N4-Dreambox 5620
  7. trueffelraupe
  8. keymaster
    Liking new forum so far
  9. keymaster
    Liking new forum so fat
  10. fairbird
    Fly in Ferrari Box
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  11. knap92
    knap92 Linlin
    Hi Linlin

    seems on a good way...sur i m glad to hear that ...from tonight i m on holiday for 2 weeks keep in touch
    talk to you soon
  12. Linlin
    Linlin knap92
    Hello m8, how are you doing? Well a lot has changed regarding support of the new receiver, After I'm sure we can run it with fluent support I go for it. Right now the status of fluent support is near and approaching. We can make it and sell it but w/o regular support it has no future. So keep you update.

  13. knap92
    knap92 Linlin
    Thanks ...great news i didt hear about the project a told maybe you are not more intersting to make it true ......
  14. Linlin
    Linlin knap92
    It's good to know you are better and going for short holidays to French Alps, I plan to start my receiver in short time in a small quantity only.
  15. Linlin
    Linlin knap92
    hello m8, how are you doing? Are you ok now?
  16. Linlin
    Linlin knap92
    you are IPTV mod now ;-)
  17. ferraricard
    ferraricard heide
    why u need 800hd?
  18. bemol
    bemol golupo

    Have you received the dm800,
    I send to you , 2 weeks ago now

    contact me please

  19. John-2k10
    John-2k10 deffc0n
    Sorry, because of my limited personal time, no chat options, just contact via this forum and or pm.
  20. keymaster
    keymaster Oadbylad
    i have DM8000 if your looking for, as one of the owners of the foru you know u get backup, what sort of price you been offered and I tell you if I can do it, I based in Norwich